Reliable. Transparent. Honest. That’s the Ucopier Consulting advantage.



How can your organization save thousands on copier and print services? By hiring experts in the field. Assessing which machines best fit your organization’s goals, negotiating lease terms, and conducting ongoing contract reviews is what we do.


We are here to provide certified high-quality copier equipment with an all-inclusive service agreement on a no contract open ended lease, for a flat dollar amount.  You keep the equipment as long as you are 100% satisfied, no additional fees to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time. 


Let’s face it. Vendors and salespeople zero-in on organizations that require 50+ copy & print machines. They look to outfit you with the most expensive models, longest lease terms, and confusing contract clauses which include yearly price increases and automatic renewal terms. As an independent consultant, Ucopier only has one objective: to save you time and money. While your organization may review copier contracts every 3-5 years, we analyze needs and negotiate contracts everyday. Let us take the sales calls, quote comparisons, installation, and the contract review process off your desk.



What are the goals of your organization and the hurdles you overcome on a regular basis? Understanding these helps us choose the right size, type, and number of machines. Next, we review your current arrangement. This not only includes the lease agreement, but supply invoices and maintenance tickets as well.       



When you have been in the business for as long as we have, you know exactly what to put in an RFP. Let us find precisely what your organization needs for the best possible value. We know exactly where to look in a contract for the hidden fees and disadvantageous terms, and then use our authority in the field to have them remedied.  



It is possible to switch over your equipment without interruption to your day to day operations. If your hesitation to change copier and print vendors is because you think installation will be a hassle, let us completely eliminate that concern. We will map your machines, transition ink and toner suppliers, and, most importantly, ensure that your new setup meets expectations.  


Ongoing Management    

Have your organizational functions changed? Has your employee count increased or decreased? Have you noticed any gaps in the efficiency of your copier and print arrangement? As your goals, needs, and satisfaction levels change, Ucopier is ready to adapt your service contracts. Just as with facilitating installation, you no longer have to consider whether or not making changes to your services will take time out of your day. Let us think about that for you. 


There is a significant amount of time left on my current lease term. Can Ucopier help me now?

Yes. Contact us to review your current lease’s cancellation clauses within it. Many organizations have found that the minimal cost to cancel one lease is very quickly recovered by the cost savings of switching to another.

I’m pretty loyal to my current vendor. Can Ucopier help without switching me to a new vendor?

Absolutely. We would be happy to review your current lease to determine whether you are receiving the most advantageous terms and best value. We will also survey your current equipment to help you decide which of your current vendor’s machines are the best possible fit.

What are the “disadvantageous” contract clauses you are looking for?

We have seen it all when it comes to copier lease agreements. Some of the most common clauses we will negotiate on your behalf include:

  • Auto-renewal terms. These can be very difficult to get out of once the auto-renew date passes.
  • Periodic price increases. Some vendors build yearly price increases into the contract, sometimes increases of more than 10%!
  • Servicing agreements. If there is no service or maintenance clause in your contract, you could potentially be stuck with a very costly problem down the road.